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How to start using Keepmark? (Quick start guide)

You will find a short guide how to get started with Keepmark in the attached video.

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What is a textpack file?

Simplifying, Textpack is a markdown file, plus optional image files, packed into single zip file.

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Does the free trial have any limitations?

Yes. The Trial version is limited to 20 indexed tasks and 20 indexed documents.

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How to use Tasks module?

See attached video to see how to use Tasks Module in Keepmak.

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Why did I get the second key?

The two-key mechanism allows you to cancel the purchase in case of a refund request.

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How to configure email account?

See attached video to see how to configure email account in Keepmark.

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Who is selling this software?

Currently, the sales process is handled by FastSpring company.

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How To Request A Refund?

You can ask for a refund at any time within 14 days of purchase. Just email me at

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