How to add relations to selected document?

In Keepmark you can add relations for an existing document, to other documents, tasks, or people. This can be done through the side panel of an open document.

Add relations to document
  1. Select 'Relations'
  2. Click 'Add relation' button
  3. Search related document to add, and select it
  4. You can add quick note as relation, by clicking (4).
  5. You can paste URL in (3) to quickly add bookmark as relation.

You can also add related tasks for document:

Add tasks to document
  1. Select 'Tasks'
  2. You can see here list of related tasks (with preview on hover)
  3. You can add new task by entering it title (new tasks will be created in Tasks - Inbox)
  4. You can also link to document existing task by clicking (4)

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