How to work in Document Context?

Work context is special view where you can preview your main document you working on, and at the same time browse other documents in workspace, or browse content in the web. It is specially useful when you making some research or working on your notes and you want to have convenient access to your other resources.

Open document in new window

First you need to open document in new window. You can do this in couple ways.

How to open document in new window
  1. You can right-click on document and in context menu select "Open in new window"
  2. You can click "Open in new window" icon on documents toolbar.

Open work context

While you have open document in new window just click button "Open work context" at the bottom of opened window.

How to open document work context

After opening work context, you will see selected document of the left side of the window and documents list on the right side.

How to work in document context
  1. Current open document.
  2. Browse other documents while editing current open document.
  3. Browse web while editing current open document.
  4. Select any document from the list to see it's preview.
  5. Preview of opened document.
  6. You can close work context by clicking "Close work context" button.

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