How to work with activity feed?

Activity feed is one of dashboard widgets. It displays your recent activity within selected Workspace.

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Why did I get the second key?

The two-key mechanism allows you to cancel the purchase in case of a refund request.

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How To Request A Refund?

You can ask for a refund at any time within 14 days of purchase. Just email me at

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Does the free trial have any limitations?

Yes. The Trial version is limited to 20 indexed tasks and 20 indexed documents.

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On how many devices can I use the purchased license?

There is no limit for number of devices to run Keepmark for a single license.

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Where can I download Keepmark?

A link to the files for Windows/Linux/Mac will be sent immediately to the email address provided after submitting the form on the home page.

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What files Keepmark supports?

Keepmark can store any files that are on your computer. Moreover, it previews many popular document formats, allowing you to view them without having to open them in a dedicated application.

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Does Keepmark has OCR support?

Currently Keepmark has no support for OCR (recognizing text from image files). However, it is not excluded that this possibility will appear one day.

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Does Keepmark have a mobile app?

No. Currently Keepmark is a desktop application. However, documents are stored in a user-accessible form and can be synchronized with mobile devices, e.g., using services like Drobox or the WebDav protocol.

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How to work with Tags?

Tags are one of the basic tools for organizing documents. When working with tags in Keepmark, you can start by defining a list of tags for a given workspace, or simply create them by assigning to documents right away. All tags assigned to documents will be visible in the application's side-bar, allowing you to quickly filter the list of documents to selected subjects.